ICT Roundup: Art, Business and Both

This is a roundup about how ICT can improve our lives. In this edition, we take a look at how it can enhance art and entrepreneurship and the mixture of both. Subscribe to The ICT Bulletin to stay up to date with the latest ICT features around the world.

How ICT can invigorate entrepreneurship through the youth

The YSSE or Youth School for Social Entrepreneurship recently organized the “ICT-based Entrepreneurship for Youths,” a whole day workshop held at the Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. Md Shah Azam, the Rajshahi University Teachers Association general secretary, says that the workshop was in support of their vision to create a young, but capable manpower for the ICT industry.

According to him, the Bangladesh government has taken strides in providing training and education to around 55,000 ICT students to supply skilled manpower to ICT companies in the coming 2 years. He adds that ever since 2013, around 34,000 youngsters have undergone training in information and communication technology and that a huge number of those are female.

Artists encouraged to use information and communication technologies

Terrence Musiyiwa, director of Avac Arts, says that local artists should utilize the internet and other ICTs to hone their craft and to grow their business. Avac Arts is a contemporary visual art group in Zimbabwe that is an advocate of African art and which helps artists in selling their work via ICTs. They also help artists in joining traditional promotional activities, like exhibitions from the local to the international level.

Since launching their website in 2015, Musiyiwa says that they have helped sell artworks of around 50 artists already. Avac Arts aspires to be the hub of Zimbabwean art, and is currently looking for artists, bloggers and IT volunteers among others to realize such aspiration. You may visit AvacArts.com for more details and information, and to see a gallery of Zimbabwean art.

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