ICT Reports – Most Searches Catering Equipment for Restaurant

A restaurant is a busy premises where different people take their food and drinks on a daily basis. For it to succeed, a huge investment in catering equipment is necessary for its daily operations.

The following is a list of catering equipment used in a restaurant:

1. An integrated POS System
2. Refrigerators
3. Ice machines
4. Beverage equipment
5. Griddles
6. Wash-up area
7. Cutlery
8. Ranges
9. Safety kits
10. Oven
11. Working tops
12. Sinks


1. An Integrated POS system

A POS is a restaurant technology which accounts for a day’s sales. It helps you understand your inventory levels. You should integrate it with your kitchen department to be able to know whether the production matches sales.

2. Refrigerators

These are essential equipment as they help in preventing loss. They are used in storing perishable goods to give them a longer life. Soft drinks also need cold storage, and this equipment matches the role. You also keep items that need to be served while chilled in the commercial refrigerators.

3. Ice machines

They are used in the production of ice. Ice is important, especially while serving beverages. A restaurant cannot operate without the machine continue with serving beverages. Ice is also essential for doing first aid to minor injuries such as twists. Thus, an operational ice machine is a basic necessity in a restaurant.

4. Beverage Equipment

It is used in the preparation of hot beverages such as coffee. Beverage equipment also includes beer dispensers. They all make production to be faster and more comfortable. Some of

5. Griddles

The equipment such as a griddle helps in food production. It browns the food on the top or melts the cheese thus while serving your food; it looks presentable to the guest.

6. Wash-Up area

This is a set place where clearance is put. The dirty cutlery and kitchen equipment is assembled here, ready for cleaning.

7. Cutlery

It includes all items to serve the guests with, such as square plates, forks, etc. to help them enjoy their meals. They are vital as they help in food portioning as well.

8. Ranges.

They are kitchen equipment that helps in food production. Ranges use gas to produce heat which is used for cooking.

9. Safety Kits

They contain first-aid tools that are used in case of fire. Safety kits also have first-aid materials to act on somebody in case they incur minor injuries.

10. Ovens

Equipment used for food that requires baking. They are also used by the bakers and for pastry production.

11. Working tops

These are surfaces that employees use while producing food and drinks. They need to be spacious enough to prevent injuries. Working tops should be made from a non- corrosive material which is non-absorbent as well for hygiene purposes. They should have a comfortable working height to protect the employees from suffering fatigue. All commercial fit outs require different type of working tops.

12. Sinks

They supply water in the food production area. They are also used for cleaning food before it is cooked. Sinks should be enough in the production area to prevent cross-contamination of food. They should have a constant supply of clean water to help in upholding the hygiene.